window shades and treatment ideas

The Best Window Treatment Ideas for Blinds Shutters Shades

Roller Shades For Windows and Doors

If you are looking for window blinds, shades or shutters you have come to the right place. If you are looking for a nice modern design that still has great protection from the sun and glare it causes, then roller shades are one of the most common ways to go. If you want to get a nice sleep or you just want extra privacy these sleek performing window shades will accomplish that.

Window Solar Shades and Screens

The great thing about window screens and shades is that you can decide how much light and visibility you want to let in. You still get the same UV protection and help protect your home items from fading and sunlight, you still get the same glare reduction but visibility can be improved and they look great. Definitely one of our favorite ideas for window treatments.

Top of the Line Woven Wood Shades

wooden shades

If you want to keep it natural in appearance and stability then going with a classic wood blind or shutter is a good bet. From bamboo and other types of high quality wood you will have many options in finding the best wooden shades and shutters for your home windows.

Cellular Shades offer great insulation

Your windows account for a huge percentage of heat, cold and air loss. If you are looking for something to help insulate those windows then consider buying some cellular shades. There are many options to choose from. If you have some questions feel free to call for a free in home consultation.

Pleated Shades are great for privacy

You can get pleated window shades in many colors and variations. Using all types of materials the top of the line pleated shades you’ll find in our store will offer a great balance with controlling the light and also adding additional privacy to your home.

Different Window Blinds Options

window blinds

You have many options when it comes to blinds, shutters and shades. If you are looking for something that will last a long time consider aluminum window shutters. If you want a natural modern look then try high quality wood slats. You can get roller, hand pulled, automatic, electric, hands free or any other type of window treatment you can think of.

Benefits of Wood Blinds

Use exotic stains, finishes and look into the different grain patterns available. We source our products from all over bringing only the highest quality window products.

Benefits of Metal Blinds

Metal blinds are the most economical because they last the longest. It is a simple process to get them installed. If you are pretty handy you can shop our online store and find the perfect product. If you are looking for a local window treatment contractor to install your blinds or shutters then give our top pro a call.

How to save money on Window Treatments

You may not hesitate about just how much energy you are conserving or squandering in your house – till you get your gas or electrical costs in the monthly bill. When you see this you’ll be more interested in just how getting new blinds or shades for your window can save you money.

With energy rates continuing to escalate from year to year, and utility companies passing along the expenses to their customers, numerous house owners are beginning to take a more difficult look at ways to secure their wallets. One of those ways is by investing in new energy efficient window replacement or adding blinds or window coverings that will help keep energy costs down.

A few easy steps now can go a long way toward minimizing your energy expenses and keeping them low for the foreseeable future. The following suggestions provided should help you conserve energy in your house and preserve your hard earned cash money. It will also improve your heating and air conditioning expenses.

Install insulating window treatments like Cellular Shades. These innovative window treatments trap air between the shade and window, very similar to how a dual pane glass window keeps out the heat or cold depending on the season, which in turn keeps warm air from leaving through your windows during the winter season, and keeps hot air from entering your house during the summer season.

 Caulk fractures and holes in your window openings or install weather protective trim  and while removing to make sure that no cold or hot air escapes during the glass repair.

 During the winter season, allow those uncommon sunny days to warm your home by opening window coverings and blinds, but keep in mind to close them in the evening. Taking good care of your windows will help maintain the integrity for years to come.

 Install storm shades for your windows. Accordance with the U.S. Department of Energy, storm shutters can lower heat loss through your windows by up to 60 percent and they are also more protective than regular window treatments.